Woman who refused to leave Galveston bank after mask dispute sentenced to 12 days in jail

This image was taken from body-worn camera footage released by the Galveston Police Department on March 12, 2021. Police identified the woman in the video as Terry Wright. (Galveston Police Dept.)

GALVESTON, Texas – The 65-year-old woman who was caught on video refusing to leave a Galveston bank was found guilty and sentenced to 12 days in jail.

On March 11, 2021 Terry Lynn Wright entered a Bank of America without wearing a mask, which at the time was required by the business. When the manager tried to give Wright a mask and accommodate her, investigators said she refused every offer and also refused to leave the business’s premises.

When a Galveston police officer arrived, Wright was caught on body-camera video arguing and tussling with the officer who asked her to leave the bank.

In the video, Wright was also seen pulling her hand away from the officer when he tries to detain her.

“This was not a case about whether Americans have to wear a mask,” said District Attorney Jack Roady. “This was a case about respecting private property and preserving the rights of business owners to run their business as they see fit. Here, the business owner attempted to make every reasonable accommodation for the defendant, but she refused those efforts and then refused to leave their property after being repeatedly asked to do so - and that’s against the law.”

Wright chose to have a court choose her punishment, and the judge sentenced her to 12 days in the Galveston County Jail.

Wright has credit for three days she has already served and is expected to be released after serving three more days.

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