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    Man mauled by dogs speaks out months later; Felony charge filed against owner

    HOUSTON, Texas – The road to recovery has not been an easy one for 68-year-old Ha Mui.

    Mui is home now, but his brother says he spent more than two months in the hospital at a long-term care facility and has undergone multiple surgeries after being mauled by two Pitbulls.

    The vicious attack on Queens Retreat Drive back in August was caught on camera.

    “So many infected wounds. The most severe one, his head, and the left side of his face,” said Ha Mui’s brother Dr. Bong Mui. “He also lost most of his right ear.”

    In a recent cell phone video, Ha Mui can be seen thanking everyone who has helped him get through the ordeal thus far, though Mui’s family says he still has a long way to go and will need skin grafts once his infections clear.

    “He still has a very big wound in the back of his head behind his left ear, and that’s still infected,” Dr. Mui said.

    Officials arrested 26-year-old Roshaun Rials who they say had custody of the dogs.

    Rials is charged with dog attack, a third-degree felony.

    “He was aware they had gotten out of the enclosure before. So, in a situation like that, that is certainly the knowledge requisite for a criminal offense,” said Chief of Animal Cruelty for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, Lindsey Bondurant. “When you have animals that you know to be dangerous and you have animals that you are failing to secure, that goes beyond ‘Whoops I forgot.’ But it goes into criminal negligence. That’s when the state becomes involved.”

    We’re told both Pitbulls have been put down. If convicted Rials faces between 2-10 years in prison, or probation and a $10,000 fine.

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