4-year-old Houston area girl participates in Pfizer COVID vaccine trial for young kids

A 4-year-old Houston girl is participating in Pfizer's vaccine trial for kids

HOUSTON – Joseph Spinner is a cardiologist at Texas Children’s Hospital. He’s witnessed COVID-19 do terrible things to some of his patients.

So, when he had the chance for his daughter to be involved in the Pfizer vaccine trial, he took it.

“Considering how safe and incredibly effective this vaccine was, we were just so excited for the opportunity,” Spinner said.

His daughter, Hannah, will be five in two weeks. So, if the vaccine is approved for her age group, she would also be able to find out whether she got the real vaccine or a placebo.

“Even though her study period won’t be done, they will allow her to get unblinded and find out so we can go ahead and get her the vaccine just in case she got the placebo,” Spinner said.

Hannah is at an age where she can remember life before the pandemic.

This whole time, her parents told her they had to play the “space game,” meaning keep space from other people. But like the rest of us, they’re ready to call it quits.

“We said ‘You’re going to go get a shot,’ and that it will allow us to stop playing the space game,” Spinner said.

Hannah was flattered when the lead researcher for the Pfizer trial at Texas Children’s Hospital said she was helping other children.

“I’m helping all the kids stay healthy across the world,” Hannah said. “I like helping.”

If the CDC moves fast, the vaccine for 5-11-year-olds could be approved for emergency use next week.

Hannah is aging into the 5-11 bracket.

What happens if your child is aging out and turning 12 soon? Which vaccine should they get?

Pfizer said the smaller dose will work on teens, but talk to your pediatrician about what’s best for your child.