‘It’s like Houston vs. all of y’all’: Astros super fan says 2021 World Series win will bring vindication

HOUSTON – A well-known Astros super fan says a 2021 World Series win will bring vindication.

“A solid year of abuse and hatred so when we clinched man, it was just total jubilation, vindication,” said Nguyen Le.

Le is as die hard as they come. He’s a season ticket holder, whose memorabilia collection is deep.

He even travels to most away games and this year has been tough.

“Just walking to my seat, grown adults would lean in and say, ‘F you,’ and I’m going, ‘Why?’”

But this season, it’s about more than baseball for Le who has been raising money, raffling off game tickets, rally towels and even beer-soaked confetti from Game 6 of the ALCS.

It’s all for his friend Stephen Hanser recovering from a roofing accident. The two met at an Astros game in Philadelphia.

“We didn’t think he was gonna make it,” he said.

The Astros chose Le to carry the American flag on the field for Game 1.

Wearing his Carlos Correa jersey on his back, Le is “quietly” confident the Astros will bring home the commissioner’s trophy again.

“It was us against the world,” said Le. “It was Houston against everyone, and against all odds, our boys did it!”

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