Houston tourism leaders forecasting World Series will huge economic boost to the city

Business owners downtown are expecting a huge economic boost

HOUSTON – Inside Hilton Americas in downtown Houston, General Manager Jacques D’rovencourt is making his rounds.

“The entire campus is going to be extremely busy and it’s going to be exciting to watch,” D’rovencourt said.

As the Astros prepare to take on the Atlanta Braves Tuesday in Game 1 of the World Series, D’rovencourt is welcoming a comeback.

“It’s a significant increase,” he said. “So, easily 50 to 60% more in occupancy that we are seeing now coming into the week of the World Series.”

According to data from the Houston First Corporation, in 2020, at this time, hotel occupancy was at 11%. Now, many hotels downtown are close to capacity and they are expecting a revenue increase of more than $3.7 million for hotels just this week.

“We expect a really electric atmosphere here in downtown Houston,” Michael Heckman, Houston First President & CEO said.

Heckman said they are forecasting the World Series will have a $26 million economic impact on the city.

“When you turn the game on and you see that blimp overhead shot of downtown Houston that’s being beamed all over the world, it’s a great opportunity to remind everyone that Houston is a world-class city,” Heckman said.

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