Record number of firearm violations at airports, TSA reports

HOUSTON – The Transportation Security Administration security administration is reporting a record number of firearms discovered at airports across the country this year.

Justin Angell is Lead Transportation Security Officer in Baggage at George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

“We always recommend anyone traveling with a firearm knows the local laws and to know the procedures with TSA as well. It is up to the local law enforcement to make those decisions (charges),” he said.

Law enforcement is automatically called if a weapon is detected.

“Firearms need to be checked in. It needs to go under the plane. We cannot have anything go through the checkpoint.  That’s when problems occur,” explained Angell. “We typically get the excuse it’s not my bag, it’s my wife’s bag or spouses’ bag and they just didn’t know it was there.”

If you’re traveling with a firearm:

“Make sure your firearm is completely unloaded,” said Angell.

Secure the firearm in a hard-sided case.

“They are able to lock securely, with a lock,” said Angell.

You will be provided with a document to fill out.

“You’re going to take it to the ticket counter, you are going to declare it with the airline,” explained Angell.

This ensures the firearm is unloaded and secure.

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