VIDEO: How many deputies does it take to subdue a Montgomery County gator? This many

Authorities in Montgomery County removed a 7-foot alligator from a roadway and took it to a wildlife refuge.

HOUSTON – A 7-foot alligator went to a wildlife refuge after it was found wandering into a roadway in Montgomery County on Wednesday evening, authorities said.

The first time authorities responded to Cude Cemetery and FM 1097 the alligator went back into the woods. The second time authorities were called out, the gator was on the roadway and had almost been hit by a motorcycle. A Texas Parks and Wildlife game warden was dispatched to the scene. After getting a line around its head and fighting it for a bit, the game warden was able to get a cover on its eyes.

After a little coaxing, several deputies -- at one point four of them -- joined the game warden on the gator’s back to hold him down. Once the gator was subdued the game warden raised its head as one of the MCSO deputies wrapped its mouth with duct tape. Then the animal’s legs were taped behind him. Once that was done, it took all of the deputies to load the 300-pound gator in the back of the game warden’s truck.

The game warden will now transport it to the Wildlife Refuge in Anahuac.

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