Driver concerned over stop sign’s visibility following crash in Houston’s East End

Driver raises stop sign concerns after accident in East End
Driver raises stop sign concerns after accident in East End

HOUSTON – Aniya Silas said she never saw the stop sign before getting into a crash on Wednesday.

She said she is worried about the visibility of the stop sign at the intersection at South Sgt. Marcario Garcia Drive and Avenue C in Houston’s Eastside.

“I believe it’s very dangerous. I mean somebody can really get hurt, really really get hurt. That’s a safety hazard to me,” she said.

Silas said the reason she didn’t see it was because of a tree and limbs blocking her view as she approached the intersection.

“I messed my car up, I messed my face up. My sister was in the car and she messed her arm up. My daughter’s arm is worse,” said Silas.

Neighbors in the area said this is certainly not the first accident to happen here. They’ve also heard of others who’ve missed the stop signs at the busy intersection.

“We already know where the stop signs are. But for another person new around here, yeah I think it would be bad,” said Rosy Morales, who lives nearby.

After reaching out to the city, KPRC 2 got word from Public Works they’ll soon be out to the intersection. A spokesperson saying they’d be working to make the stop signs more visible.

In fact, it wasn’t long before KPRC 2 spotted crews out and trimming trees along with branches.

“That’s a good idea. I’m hoping they’ll be able to do something. They’ve got to be more visible. That may help, that may help,” said Angelica Kelly, whose family lives in the area.

“It was just a scary situation like I don’t want anybody to go through what I went through,” said Silas.

Silas said her car is a total loss, and she has since hired an attorney to look at her legal options.

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