Restaurants offer cash incentives to attract workers amid shortage

Restaurants offering hiring bonus to attract workers during shortage
Restaurants offering hiring bonus to attract workers during shortage

Kingwood, TX – Business is booming at many restaurants throughout the Houston area, but an ongoing and unprecedented staffing shortage is forcing owners to get creative to incentivize job applicants.

“We have 11 employees now. We really need 18 to 20 employees to properly operate for our guests,” said restaurant owner RC Gallegos.

Gallegos owns RC’s Pizza in Kingwood and says his hours of operation are limited due to the staffing shortage.

“Every Tuesday, both of our locations are closed entirely because of the pandemic and short staffing,” he said. “During the school year, I would have to close the shop every day from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. to give me enough time to pick up my son from school and take him home.”

Cameron James, president of the Greater Houston Restaurant Association, said many of the “Help Wanted” signs now includes perks.

“We are seeing sign-on bonuses, we are seeing 401ks, we are seeing paid vacation, we are seeing more time off, and more flexible hours,” he said.

James also said the average pay of restaurant workers is not where it used to be, but wages are now higher. He says hourly workers on average get more than $10 an hour, and tipped employees are making $25 an hour.

“It really is the industry of opportunity. There has never been more opportunity in this industry than there is now,” James told KPRC 2. “Regardless of your skills, regardless of your education, there is always the opportunity for growth.”

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