Montgomery County man files complaint after accusing deputies of breaking his neck during traffic stop

Man wants deputies charged after violent arrest
Man wants deputies charged after violent arrest

MONTGOMERY COUNTY – A Montgomery County man has filed a complaint against the Montgomery County Precinct 5 Constable’s Office after he said officers used excessive force and broke his neck during a traffic stop.

On Jan. 19, 40-year-old Gary Berger said he was riding his motorcycle home when he was unaware that an officer was following him.

Alberto Ruiz, Berger’s attorney, said the officer’s cruiser’s dashcam video showed Berger’s motorcycle hitting a dip on the side of the road as he turned into his fiancée’s street, causing him to fall over.

As Berger rises to his feet, hands raised to his side, a deputy constable is heard on body camera footage ordering him to get on the ground and threatening to tase him.

Moments later, the officer tasered Berger, who then fell to the ground.

Multiple officers were seen in the video trying to put Berger in the back of a patrol car. Berger said the officers bent his head sharply trying to put him in the back seat, causing his neck to snap.

Berger is heard on the video crying out in pain multiple times, “You broke my neck.”

The officer’s bodycam video went black for a second, but when it returned, Berger was back on the ground and surrounded by officers. According to the video, one of the officers appeared to have had his knee on Berger’s neck.

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