Most vulnerable community faces challenges securing vaccine appointments

92-Year-old woman unable to secure vaccine date after two-dozen attempts

The struggle to get vaccine appointments
The struggle to get vaccine appointments

SUGAR LAND, Texas – Odean McKenzie says she is angry.

“Madder than the dickens,” she said.

The 92-year-old is upset because she said she and her family can’t secure a date for a vaccine in Fort Bend County or anywhere for that matter.

“I want to be on a list or would like to have someone say to me, be here at a given time and do it,” McKenzie said.

McKenzie’s sentiments have been expressed by many.

The desire is simple: “I want some action from someplace. I’d like to be recognized.”

Like so many in her age group, she wants recognition considering her vulnerability.

“I had a heart surgery two or three years ago, and I thought I would be on Methodist’s list, but I wasn’t,” McKenzie said.

The State Department of State Health Services tweeted Tuesday to be patient.

McKenzie said she has attempted to get on any list over two dozen times.

“My caregiver and my granddaughter have both tried various avenues of approach and we can’t get me on a list anywhere,” McKenzie said. “You see younger people everywhere get the vaccination and off they go.”

McKenzie, the widow of a WWII Vet, said the process is flawed.

“I think it’s ridiculous to tell you the truth,” she said.

When asked what is her message to Fort Bend County officials and the governor of Texas?

McKenzie did not hesitate with her response, “Well, I guess you are not pushing hard enough or you don’t have enough people working. You’re going to have to do a better job that’s for sure.”

KPRC 2 heard from the state as well as Fort Bend County in response to McKenzie’s comments.

Fort Bend County Health and Human Services said it has administered 1,100 vaccines following state guidelines. The agency also admitting to a vaccine shortage, saying, “Unfortunately, we no longer have vaccine available to provide to our residents.”

The county made it clear that they expect to have greater supplies of the vaccine in the weeks to come.

The state also responded to KPRC 2, a spokesman for the Department of State Health Services stated, “The amount of doses Texas has received from our federal partners has been limited, and the demand has far exceeded the supply to this point.”

The state also added, “We expect the amount available to be greater next week and that vaccine will be available at more hub providers.”

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