Experiencing physician burnout? Here is how to get help

HOUSTON – The Harris County Medical Society is concerned the coronavirus pandemic is taking a toll on the well-being of doctors causing physician burnout.

“We have to deal with it because they also help people and they need to be in the best shape possible to help people who are sick,” said Dr. Ronald Walters, the medical society’s president.

He highlighted the issue in the November edition of the Physician Newsletter.

“The uncertainty, the increased hours, loss of financial stability and personal risks we are experiencing this year have increased burnout,” Walters wrote.

That’s in addition to witnessing patients and their families deal with the virus.

“It is this feeling of loss of purpose. It’s this feeling of incapacitation. It’s this feeling of doubt as to when things are going to get better,” Walters said.

While the issue of physician burnout is not new, Walters said another wave of COVID-19 cases could make it worse.

“Each peak probably is followed by a different level of frustration and despair,” he said.