A good deed: Boy Scout, father find man’s missing wallet in Conroe

CONROE, Texas – A Boy Scout from Conroe and his father were in the right place at the right time when they helped a family find a missing wallet.

Zane Welch, 12, and dad Cameron Welch were heading home from a Scout meeting on Monday night when they saw a man walking through a ditch and an SUV parked outside their community.

“It looked like they needed help with whatever they were doing. It looked like something was wrong,” Zane said.

Cameron said a woman told him her husband accidentally left his wallet on the hood of the vehicle while he was putting the kids inside.

They heard a thump on the windshield while driving but by the time they connected the dots it was too late. The family was retracing their route when the father and son arrived.

“Zane and I jumped into action and we drove down Creighton Road and we were able to locate the wallet and bring it back to them,” said Cameron, who is a deputy U.S. Marshal.

Cameron recorded his son handing over the wallet to the woman who said, “Oh my God. I love y’all. Thank you.”

The wallet was in the road with more than $700 inside, Cameron said. The husband had apparently just cashed a paycheck and money was tight for the family during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cameron said they were so excited to be able to help the family that they only got pictures with them, not their names or contact information. The family was headed towards the Willis area.

Zane said he got a $20 reward from the family and was able to complete a good deed that day as part of his Scout work.

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