Quiz at Pearland ISD stirs controversy because of coronavirus question

"Is the coronavirus a scam?"
"Is the coronavirus a scam?"

PEARLAND, Texas – COVID-19 is real, people are getting sick and some are dying.

“We take precaution as much as we can,” said Jeremiah Rocha, a young father.

Despite the seriousness of the virus, there are people who remain highly skeptical of the reported case numbers, positivity rates, and other related statistics.

But is the coronavirus a scam?

“Why was she asking her students that in the first place,” asked parent James Benny? “What was she trying to get out of it?”

That was a question asked by a science teacher at Pearland Junior High East. It was posed in a quiz given to a class on the district’s Canvas learning management system. True or false were the answer choices and for those who said false -- they got the answer wrong.

The quiz raised a bit of a firestorm online when it went viral.

“That’s the kids’ opinion,” said Tina Burns, a mother of daughters. “So I mean, it’s not a right or wrong answer.”

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