‘A lot of issues': Fort Bend ISD parents having rough start to virtual learning

SUGARLAND, Texas – It was not the first day of school some parents had hoped for in Fort Bend Independent School District.

Many told KPRC 2 they had so many problems logging on the first day of virtual learning and how it was super frustrating.

“I took the day off of work because I anticipated this to be a difficult day and I’m glad I did because there have been a lot of issues,” said parent Kip Boit.

The first day of learning for Kip Boit’s son was not easy. His son, who is in kindergarten at Fort Bend ISD, goes to Sugar Creek Montessori school where the teachers there monitor his virtual learning. On Monday morning, his son could not log on and when he did get into class the sound was not working.

“It’s hard when you can’t get through. I think they are doing the best they can. We just all have to be patient,” Boit said.

Boit was able to help the teachers at the Montessori school get their students logged on to the Fort Bend ISD system. For educators, like Jolene Tollett, who runs the school, said this new way of doing things can be really frustrating.

“They trained people like us in private schools to help those students so I know they worked really hard at this so when technology fails it’s really sad,” Tollett said.

Fort Bend ISD Superintendent Charles Dupre told KPRC 2 the school district had to give out 30,000 devices and they all had to be updated.

There were login issues this morning for students in kindergarten to second grade, they believe it was an update problem. He said they are working hard to get all the problems fixed.

“And we know it’s already a stressful day and those tech problems just raise that level of stress so we’re disappointed that happened and we are all dedicated to getting on track and helping the students and their families,” Dupre said.

The school said the accounts that experienced issues were fixed and that all students in second grade and below should now be able to sign in.

If students and parents continue to have issues they can call the Fort Bend ISD call center at 281-634-0826. District officials say they can only accommodate up to 50 calls in the online queue at a time so they ask for continued patience.

A Fort Bend ISD board meeting is scheduled for Monday night at 6 p.m. The district is expected to go over online issues and talk about planning for the rest of the school year.