Coronavirus scams, changes to unemployment benefits & how to get some $$ from Apple


Houston – Every day we hear new information on testing, contact tracing and other covid-19 developments. It’s making it easy for scam artists to trick you into thinking they are trying to help you. Don’t fall for these ploys that are being reported in our area right now.

If you or someone you know is out of work and collecting unemployment benefits, you should be prepared for some pretty big changes. Lawmakers may extend benefits, but as of right now, a big one will expire July 25th.

Lastly, if you had an iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 that you noticed was slowing down significantly back in 2017, you can collect about $25 from Apple. The company agreed to pay $500 million dollars to settle a 2017 lawsuit that claimed it was intentionally slowing speeds on the devices to get customers to buy new, more expensive phones. You can submit a claim on the official settlement website. If you owned more than one device, you have to submit a separate claim form for each device.

Stay safe & have a great weekend!