Some restaurants are closing their dining rooms once again due to coronavirus

HOUSTON – Several area business owners say they are doing what they can to keep their staff and workers and customers safe, especially after seeing the number of coronavirus cases creep back up in Houston.

“I just felt like the right thing to do to keep our staff safe and community safe was to go back to model where interaction between staff and guests was less impactful,” said David Cook, managing partner at Prego Restaurant,

And prego is not the only one. The Kolache Factory, with several Houston area locations, is also going back to carry-out, curbside, or drive-thru service only.

Kolache Factory said it wants to do its part and help the community get through this.

“We want to be proactive for the community to be safe,” said Hermann Gruebler, with the Kolache Factory

Alice n Blue has this message on their website that states, “With the number of covid 19 cases rising in houston the team will go back to take out until further notice.”

Nobies also posted they are only offering takeout for dinner five days a week. And Relish of Houston is going back to curbside service, only saying this will allow them to serve customers in the “safest environment possible.”

Greisy Perekalski, owner of Argentina Cafe, said they shut down for a good month and a half back in March. She worries that this next surge of cases could be a bigger problem for her business than the first.

“Yes that is a big fear that we have. I don’t know what’s going to happen I do have to take it day by day otherwise stress can literally kill me,” Perekalski said.

Several other area restaurants have shut down after some employees tested positive for coronavirus

Many will remain closed until further notice, while others are reopening with the “takeout only” model as well.