Homes near the Museum District damaged by Bar 5015 building explosion

HOUSTON – Multiple homes were damaged when a bar exploded in the Museum District Friday morning.

“It was a deafening, almost like a bomb coming through your house,” said Lawrence McQueen.

It was a sign of destruction along Wichita Street.

“It looks like a bomb. It looks like a bomb went off. It’s scary,” said one woman.

These homes are the closest to Bar 5015 on Almeda and Wichita, the site of an explosion while everyone was asleep.

“I heard a rumbling and then I saw the wall sort of start moving towards me,” said Paul Dorman.

Wood and glass now cover Dorman’s backyard.

“I’m really in shock, on the amount of damage that came to the house,” said Dorman. “I had 39 new windows put in last year, most of them are broke.”

The impact was so bad some homes may have foundation issues.

“I’ll have to have someone here to check the roof and the structure to make sure it’s safe,” said Dorman.

While residents on Wichita Street swept glass and picked up debris preparing for repairs, they’re glad it wasn’t worse.

“I’m just thankful to God that I’m still here, I can repair this. Hopefully, there are no foundations issues because I felt the house do this,” said McQueen.

Residents waited to do major cleanup until insurance agents do their assessments and determine what happens next.

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