ASK2: Who has the right-of-way bicyclists or pedestrians on Allen Parkway?


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The Question: Who has the right of way bicyclists or pedestrians on Allen Parkway?

The answer: Generally speaking, if you’re a pedestrian, you have the right of way at designated pedestrian crossings and on sidewalks.

Bicyclists have the right of way on their designated bike lanes along a stretch of road.

Vehicular traffic takes the lead on highways, service roads, major surface roads and side streets.

Now, it’s important to remember: Bicycles are equivalent to vehicles in the state of Texas. This means bicyclists must obey the same traffic laws, roadway rules, and signals as motor vehicle drivers.

According to bikehouston.org, they say “Trails have engineering and design limitations that require you to ride differently than you would on the road. If your preferred speed or style of cycling is inappropriate for trails, look for better suited alternative routes.”

Also, Houston city ordinance also states, “No person shall ride a bicycle upon a sidewalk within a business district.”

Remember to keep an eye out on sidewalks that have a “no bicycling” sign posted in other areas.

According to BuffaloBayou.org, they say bicycles are allowed on the sidewalks along Buffalo Bayou Par, because it is considered park from curb to curb.

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