Kingwood teacher embraces TikTok videos to engage with students

KINGWOOD – TikTok videos are the latest Intenet craze. A sixth-grade teacher, Tricia Zinnecker, is using the social media platform to connect with her students at Creekwood Middle School in Kingwood.

"In my mind, I kept hearing stay in your lane, stay in your lane, but then I made my first TikTok. My kids were so sweet. They liked it. They sent me messages," she said.

The videos aren't meant to educate students but entertain and remind them that she is thinking about them, Zinnecker said,

"When students laugh, and when you laugh, it builds the culture of the classroom," she said.

Zinnecker said she makes three to four videos a day. She said she the videos have become so popular with students that they are making requests.

She said the TikTok videos provide a chance to do more than send assignments and conduct lectures on Zoom. She said this is an opportunity to learn about the students outside of the classroom.

“Some of my students that didn’t say a word all year, that was so quiet and so shy, I am watching their TikTok (videos) and seeing a whole different talent,” Zinnecker said.

Here are some of Zinnecker’s popular TikTok videos:


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