Local pharmaceutical company donates hand sanitizer to Houston Fire Department

HOUSTON – First responders not only rely on masks and gloves but also the same cleaning products residents use every day, which includes hand sanitizer.

On Friday, the Houston Fire Department received a hefty donation of hand sanitizer from a PCCA, a Houston-based pharmaceutical company to help keep them protected from the coronavirus.

“Cleanliness for this virus (and) proper hygiene is important. Our firefighters don’t have access to a sink at every call right where they can wash their hands so having the hand sanitizers, that antiseptic is critical for them,” said Houston Fire Chief Samuel Pena.

Pena said there’s a shortage worldwide of personal protective equipment, including sanitizer. He said the city was having trouble finding supplies, which is why donations like the one from PCCA are so important.

“We’re experiencing an invisible threat now right and this virus is no joke. This virus is highly contagious and firefighters are not immune to the virus,” Pena said.

The hand sanitizer will be distributed to 100 HFD stations across the city. Pena said while the city has been successful in securing personal protective equipment, this doesn’t mean there won’t be problems down the road.

“So it’s very competitive. We’re competing with not only other healthcare workers, but the medical community, the medical center, everybody is in desperate need for personal protective equipment,” Pena said.

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