Meet Houston’s Lexi Brumback who shot to fame due to Netflix docuseries ‘Cheer’


HOUSTON – Meet Lexi Brumback, a girl from Houston who rose to “cheerlebrity” status with Navarro Junior College’s cheerleader team on the popular Netflix docuseries “Cheer."

The series which followed the journey of a collegiate team to nationals spotlighted Brumback’s story along with a few other squad members.

Brumback is introduced as a talented tumbler with a non-stereotypical past for a cheerleader.

Throughout the series, viewers learned a lot about Brumback. She dropped out of high school, has a history of violence, enjoys attending raves, is a talented artist and has never had to pay to be in any cheer program because she’s just that good.

In the final episode, Navarro coach Monica Aldama removed Brumback from the team following a drug-related incident that went against the coach’s zero-tolerance policy.

“Even though I’m not a Navarro cheerleader anymore, I still feel like I’m a reflection of that program,” Brumback said.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the cheerleader shared her thoughts on how her story was portrayed throughout the series. She said the storytelling was amazing, apart from the end when she felt she was made out to look like a screw-up.

After being kicked-off Navarro’s team, Brumback continued her education at Blinn College outside of College Station.

“This past Fall semester, I went to go to a different college and . . . I just didn’t feel at home, and I didn’t really feel like I had that family I did here in Navarro,” Lexi told POPSUGAR. “My parents, as well as my old coaches, had reached out to Monica about me coming back and she was open about giving me a second chance.”

In January, the Houston-native revealed she was back at Navarro just days after the premiere of “Cheer” on Netflix.

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The phenomenon of the show has brought Brumback and her teammates great exposure.

In recent weeks, Navarro cheerleaders have appeared on Ellen, the TODAY Show and have scored invites to the Oscars and New York Fashion Week.

While the short six-episode series left many viewers wanting more, Netflix has yet to announce if there will be a second season of ‘CHEER’ however with multiple members returning to the team, it is speculated by many.

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