This is why Rice University was named one of the most relaxing campuses in the US


HOUSTON – Rice University ranks 17 out of 50 in the US for colleges with the most effective relaxation installations, according to Great Value Colleges.

Experts at Great Value Colleges, an online resource that works to ease students’ decision-making, compiled a list of universities that make the most efforts to keep students in a positive mindset by offering relaxing installations, spaces or events.

Like many colleges, Rice University hosts de-stress events with therapy dogs during finals week but experts say this just scratches the surface of things the university offers its students.

Rice University students can unwind outdoors by lounging in hammocks installed across campus or attend wellness programs at the school’s recreation center.

Experts at Great Value College applauded Rice University for its more proactive solution to relaxing students by offering Nirvana sessions which lets students meditate on pews, cushions or the floor.

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