Pizza delivery driver carjacked, robbed at gunpoint in northwest Harris County, deputies say

HOUSTON – Max Marin was on a routine pizza delivery Friday night when he said he was held up at gunpoint by five men and carjacked.

"They come up, grab me, stick a gun right in my chest and say give me the keys give me the car, give me the wallet and give me the phone," Marin said.

The thieves ordered the pizza to a vacant home and were waiting on Marin in the driveway, deputies said.

Marin said they stole $200 and his blue 2003 Honda Civic.

“It was thought out to the extent that they picked a house not only vacant but in between two light posts,” Marin said.

Marin said he ran to a neighbor’s home and was able to call 911 but the carjackers were long gone.

He said he filed a report with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, who said it was the second time they had received that type of call that day.

Marin said the toughest part is losing his car. He claims he had just paid it off and it was the only mode of transportation for him and his wife.

“Both of my jobs were delivering and she worked all the way in the Woodlands so there’s no way to commute to and from,” Marin said.

Marin said he quit his delivery job at Papa’s Johns and is now searching for something closer to home.

He said he will rely heavily on family friends who have already set a GoFundMe account to try and help get back on his feet.

If you would like to donate toward his account, click here.

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