Angry ex-girlfriend targets Cypress home in drive-by shooting, resident says

CYPRESS – Debra Newby had a terrifying Thursday night after her home became the target of a drive-by along Sagebrush Valley Lane in Cypress.

She said she had her door shut and lights out and then heard a loud bang. When she came out of her room to figure out what happened, she said there was a bullet hole in her front door.

When she approached the door, Newby said the glass shattered into a million pieces.

According to Harris County Constable’s Office Precinct 5, Donavelle Tucker is accused of pulling the trigger. She was arrested less than 30 minutes after the shooting.

Tucker was arrested on deadly conduct charges last night after a single shot was reported at approximately 8:20 p.m., officials said. The bullet went through the front door and lodged in the dining room wall.

Investigators said a neighbor had surveillance video of the incident that quickly led officers to Tucker, who was two blocks away.

While Newby doesn’t know Tucker, her roommate certainly does, she said. Tucker is the ex-girlfriend of her roommate’s current boyfriend.

“Probably for the last two to three weeks, they’ve been getting a lot of text messages, threatening text messages,” Newby said.

Newby is just grateful. She said she could have easily been hit considering where the bullet ended up.

“A lot of times, I walk up towards the front and look at the front just to make sure everything’s okay, you know that could’ve been me standing there,” Newby said.

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