Local attorney walks through homes affected by NW Houston explosion; CEO of manufacturing facility responds

HOUSTON – Five days after an explosion took two lives and damaged more than 400 homes in northwest Houston, one local attorney is advocating for homeowners in finding out what happened and who should be held accountable.

The attorney walked through several of his client’s homes.

"This is a huge catastrophic disaster where people have lost their homes," Rob Kwok, with Kwok Daniel Law Firm, said.

Kwok is representing more than 115 homeowners who live in northwest Houston. Travis Horton said he lives walking distance from where Watson Grinding and Manufacturing’s facility exploded.

“This is shifted all the way from the floor and now the whole structure is pushed that way,” said Horton, a client and resident.

Kwok said homeowners should be wary of insurance companies and should consider hiring an advocate who will fight for homeowners.

"These insurance companies are only looking out for their bottom line, and so you're not going to get the best offer from this insurance company directly--you need an advocate that's going to go in and help you get the right value for your home. That's what we're doing," Kwok said.

Kwok also said that they are in the process of doing their own investigation into what happened.