5 months after stabbing death of man, family begs for new leads, information in case

6 months after man was killed, family begs for leads in case
6 months after man was killed, family begs for leads in case

HOUSTON – It’s been five months since someone stabbed and killed 23-year-old Mark Garcia outside his girlfriend’s trailer in east Houston. His family’s wish in the new year is that the person who killed him is caught.

On Aug. 3 2019, Garcia was stabbed at the Oak Tree Mobile Home Park located at 660 Maxey Rd. Police say it happened between 1:16 a.m. and 2:13 a.m.

“Just disbelief, feels like a bad dream,” said Albert Garcia, Mark’s father.

The stabbing happened at unit 29 which is now an empty lot. Houston Police said the trailer belonged to Garcia’s then-girlfriend.

Albert said his son went to work that Friday and had someone drop him off him at the mobile home around 1:16 a.m. Saturday.

"I just wish someone would speak up. You know witnesses that did speak with the detectives, they were able to describe exactly what he was wearing, his exact last words at 1:30 a.m. and they’re just not saying enough,” said Evelyn Garcia-Argueta, Mark’s aunt.

When asked what his last words were, Garcia-Argueta said someone heard Garcia say, “Mind your business leave me alone, you don’t live here." This was moments before police believe he was stabbed.

The family believes there is a possibility Garcia and his girlfriend had an argument and then he went outside. They say they’ve heard rumors that Garcia may have had an altercation with a neighbor.

Garcia leaves behind a daughter, who will turn two in February.

"She looks exactly like him , she’s his twin. Looks just like him,” said Garcia-Argueta about the toddler, named Madison. "It’s just going to be sad that she’s going to grow up not knowing him, not knowing anything, she’s just going to know the memories that we have to tell her.”

The family said Garcia was working to fix his life and recently got a job. In the past, he’d spent time in jail.

“When he found out he had the baby that's when everything changed and he tried to do better, trying to straighten up,” said Garcia.

Police are still investigating the case and Garcia said detectives are waiting on results from forensic evidence that was collected.

"I’m hoping we get justice for my son,” said Albert.

"You hurt a lot of people, you took someone’s child away, someone’s father away, someone’s brother away from them, just a careless act,” said Argueta Garcia.

If you know anything, you can remain anonymous and call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.