Popular Houston seafood spot suddenly closes


HOUSTON – The popular Houston seafood restaurant Reef & 3rd Bar has suddenly closed.

The restaurant, located at 2600 Travis Street, announced it will close due to a number of factors.

Here’s the full statement for the restaurant celebrated for its Gulf Coast seafood:

“After a recent cardiac event that necessitated a hospital stay, combined with other economic factors, chef Bryan Caswell has made the decision to close Reef & 3rd Bar. The remainder of nonperishable goods will be donated. All employees have been paid through last Monday, November 18, and any additional hours will be paid accordingly. Charles Clark of Clark-Cooper Concepts has graciously offered to provide opportunities for all staff, as well as accommodate all holiday reservations/private functions at his multiple concepts. Caswell extends his immense gratitude to Houston for the unforgettable memories and support over the years.”

In a social media post, the restaurant shared this message: “Thank you for your unwavering support, Houston.”

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