Laser treatment helps stop hair loss

By Rachel McNeill - Anchor

HOUSTON - Hair is often considered our crowing glory.  But, more than 80 million men and women know that sinking feeling when they see hair falling our in the shower or on our hairbrush.

A new FDA approved treatment is stopping hair loss in its tracks and promoting new hair growth.

Rice University graduate and former NFL player Ryan Pontbriand started hearing remarks about his hair loss on the sidelines.

Pontbriand told Local 2, "After the game, people would tell me how they were up in the stands and they could see my hair loss and after a couple of those comments, I decided to keep my helmet on."

Pontbriand came to Tom Magliaro's Hair Restoration Clinic to try FDA cleared Low Level Laser Therapy Treatments.

Pontbriand said, "I was willing to do anything."
TMHair President Tom Magliaro said, " We can stop hair loss in 90 percent of the cases and an additional 80 percent actually grow additional hair."

Magliaro said a good candidate for the cool laser is someone whose hair loss began within the last six to eight years.

He explained, "It stimulates a lot of blood flow in the scalp area when then allows the debris around the follicle like testosterone, DHT (dihydrotestosterone), other hormones; it dissolves them and opens up the follicles so hair can grow through the follicle."

Magliaro said clients start noticing a change in hair texture and less hair loss within about 90 days.

said, "The thing that I notice right off the bat was that my hair loss wasn't getting worse, so I'm hoping in the future I'll get some new growth. I've seen new growth under the microscope which is promising."
It's painless and has no side effects.
Magliaro told Local 2, "This is the most exciting thing that I've ever experienced in my profession, in my career that we can actually say to someone who's beginning to lose hair, 'Don't worry! Come in. Let us stop your hair loss!'"

The cost of the Low Level Laser Therapy treatments ranges between $3,000 to $5,000, depending on how many treatments are needed.

TMHair offers payment plans and free consultations.

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