Is it possible to stop snoring?

HOUSTON - Snoring is loud, annoying and it can completely ruin your night. It's so bad in some households, couples end up sleeping in separate bedrooms. But there is new hope in the quest for quiet.

Ben Lamoreaux has been snoring for as long as his wife, Kristy, can remember.

"I can't stand the sound of it," Kristy Lamoreaux said.

Kristy Lamoreaux recorded audio to document the assault on her sleep that she said has been happening night after night for nearly 14 years. Kristy Lamoreaux said she hit the breaking point two years ago and never looked back.

"It was really taking its toll on my mental health and my physical health, and I decided I can't keep going like this," she said.

Her action was non-negotiable. She started sleeping apart from her husband.

Dr. Tabarak Qureshi is a sleep medicine specialist. His sleep studies have linked patient snoring to the more serious sleep apnea. But, he said, there is hope.

"It should not be embarrassing because there are now treatments for snoring," Qureshi said.

One of the treatments scoring promising results is an anti-snoring device called Theravent.

According to Quershi, "50 percent of people had a reduction in snoring by 50 decibels."

Don McElvain agreed to a sleep study when his wife, Susan, told him she couldn't take his snoring anymore. A week after using Theravent, he saw results.

"We both have a better quality sleep because doesn't snore like he did," Susan McElvain explained.

Don McElvain described how it works.

"You're not breathing in, but it allows you to breathe out. It took a couple of hours for me actually to try and get used to it," he said.

That brings us back to Ben and Kristy Lamoreux. Ben Lamoreaux agreed to try the device, but after two nights he said there was no improvement.

"I'll definitely keep trying it," he said.

Ben Lamoreaux and Don McElvain said the device is uncomfortable at first, but after a week you get used to it. There are serious medical consequences to snoring. It can lead to sleep apnea, which causes high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

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