Will Texas lawmakers finally heed the power grid warnings from 10 years ago?

HOUSTON – During the current legislative session, dozens of bills have been filed regarding the Electric Reliability Council of Texas. The crush of proposed legislation follows what many consider to be the numerous failings of our state’s power grid uncovered by February’s winter storm. Those still suffering from the damage caused by the storm hope lawmakers finally get it right.

‘They failed us, miserably’

“I’m under a lot of stress,” said Donna Bossette, Katy area mom of two. “I try not to be. I do a lot of praying because my faith is strong.”

If you ask Bossette, she’ll tell you she believes her family’s suffering is the result of 10 years of missed opportunities and lax oversight. Bossette was without power for two-and-a-half days and several pipes burst, flooding portions of her home. She has insurance, but a lack of available contractors forced her and her children to rip up carpet, tile and knock down sheetrock themselves.

“They failed us, miserably,” Bossette said of state lawmakers. “I think about the people that lost their lives, they failed them.”

Cases like Bossette’s happened across Texas because millions saw their electricity cut as our power grid faltered to the brink of collapse. However, this wasn’t the first time our state faced this type of crisis.


Ten years ago, lawmakers were lamenting how another winter storm knocked out power to millions of Texans. Just as they are now, ERCOT officials face withering criticism for not making sure our grid was better prepared.