Couple has U-Haul stolen while moving to Houston

HOUSTON - A family moving to Houston lost everything when their U-Haul was stolen along the way.

Jason Corthall, a Pearland and Cy-Creek firefighter and Marine, said his in-laws, John and Kim Lantz, left Oregon last week for Houston but became victims of theft when they stopped in San Diego.

"They're not going to have stuff to unload or unpack they're just going to start over completely over," he said.

Corthall said the Lantzs didn't just lose furniture, clothes and a car but heirlooms and other priceless things.

"My wife's wedding dress is gone. As a family, they lost their wedding rings, their heirlooms. John, my father-in-law, lost his barber kit. Kim lost her wedding dress as well. Things no one else would have value for except us, and their gone now," said Corthall.

San Diego police said they have no leads.

But now the Lantzs and Corthalls are warning others to protect their belongings to avoid becoming a victim.

"They're also going to make sure people are aware that they need to protect their vehicle not necessarily just U-Haul, but whatever moving company you decide to go with. Use protection with a club or gas pedal lock or whatever they need to do so this doesn't happen to them," said Corthall.

If you would like to help the family replace things they lost, just head to

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