Luxury spa living on less than luxury budget

Korean Spa in Houston promotes healing and relaxation

HOUSTON – Tucked away in the west Houston neighborhood of Bear Creek is what’s described as a "healing paradise.” The first of its kind in Houston, GangNam Spa offers clients the unique experience of a traditional Korean spa.

“A Korean spa is not about ‘let’s go and just relax,’" said Helen Lyeu, whose father came up with the idea to open the spa here in Houston. “It offers a lot of health benefits.”

And this place is much more than just a place to get a massage.

Here, healing is at the heart of everything.

There is a salt room filled with Himalayan salt imported from Korea, heated to a toasty 152 degrees. Lyeu describes all the benefits offered in the room.

“The walls are all Himalayan salt, the heat helps release those elements into the air," she said. "So, when you are in there, it actually goes into your skin and helps with immunity, blood pressure, any ailments you have. It helps ease your muscles.”

The practice of using heat to heal is important here at GangNam. This signature Bul ga ma is modeled after the ultra-heated saunas in Korea. At 140 degrees, it is so hot in here we could not even take our cameras inside.

“It is made out of red oak and when you are in there the heat releases those elements and goes into your skin and it helps your immune system," Lyeu said. “And of course, what everyone wants, it blasts calories."

Bul ga mas at the GangNam Spa in Houston.
Bul ga mas at the GangNam Spa in Houston. (KPRC)

Healing and Relaxation 24/7

The spa is open 24 hours a day.

For $39 during the week, and $49 on the weekend, customers can check in as early as 5 a.m. and stay until 11 p.m. to enjoy everything from the igloo ice room, the Bul ga ma, the salt room, the saunas, and both the hot and cold water pools.

You can even dine on traditional Korean food.

There is even a place for the kids.

Want to stay longer? That’s only $10 extra.

And if you need a nap while there, there’s even a topaz cave, sort of like a special sleeping cove, where you can nap and rejuvenate. And the topaz is also said to release special healing properties.

Traditional Spa Services Offered

Other spa services are a la carte. Manicures start at $20 and full body scrubs for as little as $65. A 60-minute massage is $90.

Lyeu said the goal ultimate goal is to give customers holistic healing on a budget.

“Definitely we want them to feel like, ‘Wow, that was, feel good and I want to come back.’"

Lyeu said she is proud to introduce Houston residents to the Korean spa experience.

For more information on how to book an appointment, visit https://gangnamspa.org/.

The relaxation room at GangNam Spa.
The relaxation room at GangNam Spa. (KPRC)