These are the food you need to eat to beat cold and flu

HOUSTON – Lots of people are really feeling the flu season early this year and many are battling some pretty bad colds too. We wanted to know, what are the best foods to eat when you are sick to get you better fast?

KPRC 2 reporter Sofia Ojeda sat down with a Houston doctor Brooke Goldner, who says these foods will get boost your immune system, help you fight off infection and get you back on track in a jiffy.

Goldner has had first-hand experience with illness. She battled Lupus as a kid and now teaches her patients better eating habits to prevent and reverse various sicknesses including cold and flu.

“Have your blueberries, have your strawberries, but don’t forget to have those dark leafy cruciferous vegetables,” Goldner said. “They are the powerhouses of any food out there.”


Goldner recommends eating vegetables like kale, broccoli, purple cabbage and brussels sprouts. She said these foods are rich in vitamins and minerals, are known to fight off infection and boost your immune system.

If you don’t like to eat any of these, she says you can still get the good stuff through a smoothie.


“The other thing most people are missing are omega-three fatty acids,” Goldner said. “Those are the most important components of your diet that contain your anti-inflammatory immune system, if you don’t eat them you can’t fight inflammation.”

Goldner said you can get omega-three from things like flax seeds, chia seeds, some nuts and fish. She said they are packed with the fatty acids and are really easy to throw on some salad or in your smoothie.


“The other thing that keeps people sick, is they are dehydrated," Goldner said. "People think if they are tired they have a caffeine deficiency and they load up on caffeine, which dehydrates them further. What they really need if they’re run down or tired is more water.”

Goldner said 64 ounces is not going to be enough if you are already sick. Sick people need about 96 ounces of water a day -- up to a gallon -- to get the energy you need to fight off inflammation and infections.

You can find more information on Goldner and her best-selling books, at Goodbyelupus.com.

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