'Scooter Girl' found: City helps locate woman after hilarious wedding photobomb

OMAHA, Neb. – A woman on a scooter photobombed a Nebraska couple’s wedding party’s photo session and has gone viral for her antics.

She’s been dubbed “Scooter Girl” after she says she intentionally “zoomed” through the photo. 

“I like doing stuff like that,” Kenyatta Jefferson told WOWT. “You know, just hoping they wouldn't get mad. I just kind of zoomed through the first time."

Groom Matt Riley loved it.

“I don't know if anyone said any words,” Riley said. “I think we collectively knew all at the same moment that she had to be in the picture."

Photographer Molly Jean Greco took several shots of “Scooter Girl” with the wedding party.

"It was a perfect surprise," she said. "I don't think this could ever happen again. You can't replicate the perfection of this photo."

But as quickly as Jefferson came, she was gone, leaving the group wondering who she was.

Greco and her husband Josh posted the photos with the hashtag #findscootergirl and Omaha got to work. 

Greco said the internet found her in an hour, tagging her on the photos and eventually reuniting the wedding party with “Scooter Girl.”

"So what was it like to go viral? It felt good,” Jefferson said. “It feels good. So I'm just kind of soaking it in and everything and you know it was it was good. I just could not stop laughing at the pictures."

"It's just so great to see what joy is bringing to other people as much as it did on the wedding day itself for us," Greco said.

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