Teacher writes "WTF" on student's paper

(WJHG, Melinda Smith via CNN Video)

BAY COUNTY, Fla. – A Florida mother is outraged after her son’s teacher wrote “WTF” on a paper to signal he would be getting a zero on an assignment.

Melinda Smith told WJHG she was shocked when her son handed her his science homework and "WTF is this?" was written across the top.

"Just seeing 'WTF' what is this? You know, basically is this there's no credit, it wasn't anything about not getting the credit, it was more so the language about what the writing to students,” Smith said. “That was very inappropriate and not acceptable for a teacher whatsoever."

Smith is calling for the teacher to account for her actions. 

"I think for sure she needs to be reprimanded,” Smith said. “I believe that something should be placed in her file."

We're told the teacher in question does not want to respond publicly to the situation.

Rutherford Principal Coy Pilson says they are taking the necessary steps to deal with the incident, and does not want to release the teacher's name at this time. 

"Once we were notified, I notified district officials and our HR has been involved and they're currently investigating the situation," Pilson said.

He says he has spoken with the teacher regarding appropriate classroom conduct, saying she was apologetic and that it was a mistake. "She was apologetic and it was a mistake on her part."

"All of the teachers at Rutherford High School are caring, loving teachers and we're also human and so we make mistakes, but we understand that we are called to a high professional standard and when we make mistakes we try to correct those mistakes and move forward," Pilson said.

It's unclear if any action will be taken against the teacher at this time.