1 year later: Hundreds honor, pay tribute to those killed in Santa Fe High School shooting

SANTA FE, Texas – The Galveston County Fairgrounds had turned into a resiliency center Saturday afternoon. The Resiliency Center has been paramount in the healing process for the Santa Fe community.

Last year, the Resiliency Center opened its doors to the community following the fatal Santa Fe High School shooting. Its role was to provide help for those who are grieving and trying to heal from the trauma through a wide range of services. 

Community members got the chance to interact with therapy dogs and horses. Crafty therapy was also offered for people to express their feelings.

The center is held at a local church in Santa Fe and showcased its services during the one-year anniversary of the Santa Fe High School shooting.

Georgia Garza said her daughter was present during the shooting and says being at the center has helped her daughter tremendously, but she still struggles with it.

“I have a tough time. You are grateful that your child survived but so many other parents -- their kids didn't. My daughter’s tennis partner died, her two tutors died, so it's tough on everybody,” Garza said. 

A vigil honoring those victims will take place at the fairgrounds at 7 p.m.