Kingwood residents meet to discuss preventative flooding measures

KINGWOOD, Texas – The floodwaters have receded but the damage in Kingwood is still evident as homeowners work to repair their houses after last week's storms. They also are looking for answers from their elected leaders.

On Monday evening in Humble, several dozen Kingwood residents turned out for a roundtable discussion led by Harris County Commissioner Jack Cagle.

Homeowners, including Vispi Katrak, want to know why their homes, which didn't flood during Hurricane Harvey, took on water last week.

For many longtime residents, the flooding was unexpected.

"Absolutely surprised, shocked," Katrak said. "I mean, with 10 inches of rain we are flooded? That is unheard of."

Several hundred Kingwood houses flooded last week, including homes that were hit by Harvey. Those who showed up to Monday's roundtable are looking for concrete solutions. The residents want to know how they can work with the county and city to reduce the risk of flooding when the next storm comes.

"We probably need to raise the culverts, expand the culverts, dig the ditches a little deeper in there, help the runoff coming off Mills Branch Road there. Could possibly help," homeowner Robert Price said.

A contingent of Kingwood residents plans to trek to tomorrow's County Commission meeting in the hopes of having a face-to-face discussion with Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo about ways for flooded homeowners to receive assistance in recovery.

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