Would you buy this? Charmin's 'forever roll' lasts up to one month, company says

The Charmin Forever Roll.
The Charmin Forever Roll. (Charmin)

HOUSTON – Everyone hates changing the toilet paper roll and one company is rolling out a product that cuts down on the chore. 

Shoppers, meet Charmin’s “Forever Roll.” The giant roll won’t last forever, but the company says it will last you a month. 

The roll can be purchased in two sizes -- one-user (a 8.7-inch diameter) or multi-user (a 12-inch diameter). It is so large that it needs its own special toilet paper holder. 

The toilet paper system has a money-back guarantee, according to the Charmin website.

If you’re interested the massive rolls, the wall mount starter-kit options are currently out of stock, but the free-standing starter kit is up for grabs for $29.97. Stand-alone rolls cost $9.99 and the stand is $29.99.

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