Houston-area student gets accepted into 15 colleges, including 8 Ivy League schools

Jeramy Botwe, of Tomball, is valedictorian of his class

TOMBALL, Texas – A Tomball teen and his family are celebrating after the 17-year-old got accepted to 15 different colleges, including eight Ivy League schools.

"Well, it's a very surreal feeling, like, to be accepted to all those colleges," Jeramy Botwe said. "It's an honor to be accepted to one Ivy League, but to be accepted to all these different schools, it's really humbling."

Botwe, who attends Harmony School of Advancement, has a 4.51 GPA and is the valedictorian of his class.

The teen found out this week that he was accepted into Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Brown University, Stanford University, MIT, University of Chicago, Duke University, University of Texas at Austin, University of Houston and Rice University.

"Whenever he got into all the schools, he came into my room when he told me, and we were both just, like, 'Whoa!' It was a really good moment," said Botwe's older sister, Julianah.

She herself is applying for law school and is a graduate of the University of Houston.

"I'm really proud of him. I'm really proud of him. I always kind of knew that he could do something like this. I've seen that he's very diligent in his studies, and he puts his all into anything he does," Julianah said. "I just want him to go where he will be happy and where he'll have the most opportunity. I'm going to miss him a lot. We're really, really close, and I know it's a great opportunity for him."

Botwe has until May 1 to make a decision.