EXCLUSIVE: R. Kelly's publicist, Darrell Johnson, speaks to KPRC about allegations against singer

HOUSTON – In an exclusive interview with KPRC, Darrell Johnson, R. Kelly's publicist, spoke with Rose-Ann Aragon about the sexual abuse allegations leveraged against the rhythm and blues singer.

Johnson said R. Kelly, whose real name is Robert Kelly, was released from the Cook County Jail in Chicago Saturday morning. Owed child support of $161,000 had been raised on his behalf by friends from "all across Chicago," Johnson said.

Chicago is 52-year-old R. Kelly's home, Johnson said. He speculated that the money was raised by friends and fans but said he didn't know exactly who had raised it.

EXCLUSIVE: Darrell Johnson, R. Kelly's publicist, speaks with Rose-Ann Aragon

Multiple women have come forward over the years, accusing R. Kelly of sexual abuse. He currently faces 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. He was jailed in Cook County last month after turning himself in in the wake of the abuse allegations. He was released on a $100,000 bail in that case.

Next, R. Kelly and his team have their sights set on the upcoming child support court date on Wednesday, Johnson said. R. Kelly has told his team that he wants a speedy trial and that he's prepared for one. 

After he was initially jailed for the back-owed child support, R. Kelly was depressed, Johnson said, adding that "he should have been." But, Johnson said, sitting in jail wasn't so bad when it was for his kids. He also said that R. Kelly isn't a "deadbeat dad" -- he just didn't have the money he owed.

Throughout it all, though, Johnson said R. Kelly has maintained his innocence of the sexual abuse charges against him. When asked if R. Kelly was too passionate in his recent interview with Gayle King, Johnson said that R. Kelly is fighting for his life against these charges and the singer is "an emotional guy."

Now, the R&B artist is at his home in Trump Tower and Johnson has advised him to lie low, relax, enjoy himself and watch some Netflix.