Houston Newsmakers for Feb. 17: King to run for mayor again, ReelAbilities Film Festival



King Says Current City Hall is Corrupt

Mayoral candidate Bill King ran for the office of Houston mayor 3 1/2 years ago and lost by fewer than 3,000 votes in a runoff. He has formally announced that he is running for the job again and says the big support he received in his losing cause has given him hope that he’ll win this time.

“When I talk to the folks who supported us last time and I don’t find that many of them have changed their minds,” he said on this week’s "Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall." 

“I think we bring a perspective that needs to be heard in the city and I think those people need to have a voice,” King said. He also said he’ll bring a smarter and cleaner leadership to city hall.

“I’ve never seen a city hall as corrupt as this one,” he said. Find out why on this week’s Houston Newsmakers.

Houston Newsmakers: Bill King running for mayor pt. 1

Houston Newsmakers: Bill King running for mayor pt. 2

ReelAbilities Festival Aims to Remove Stigma about the Disabled


Now in its seventh year in Houston, the ReelAbilities Film Festival runs through Thursday evening Feb. 21 and showcases films, artwork and panel discussions aimed at helping society better understand the disabled.

“Go to the movies and be enlightened and educated and learn to maybe erase stigmas of what it’s like to have a disability and be entertained at the same time," said Susan Farb Morris, director of this year’s event. 

Diana Codispoti knows what it’s like to be viewed differently. She has a form of dwarfism and stands 4 feet, 5 inches tall. She said this festival can help erase some of the unintended ignorance that people have about disabilities.

“Even though I’m a foot shorter than most, sometimes people think OK you can’t reach that or you can’t do that -- or even, being shorter, sometimes people think your intelligence level is not as high, as silly as that sounds,” she said. 

Much more about the lineup of events for this year’s event at www.reelabilitieshouston.org 

Houston Newsmakers: ReelAbilities Film Festival

More Information: 

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•     billkingblog.com 
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•     Twitter:  @BillKingHouston

•    Susan Farb Morris, Chair, ReelAbilities Film Festival
•     reelabilitieshouston.org 
•     832-786-0361
•    Twitter: @ReelAbilityHou 

•    Diana Codispoti, ReelAbilities Film Festival Volunteer
•     Reelabilitieshouston.org
•     832-786-0361
•    Twitter: @ReelAbilityHou

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