Cupid's work: Two couples brought together at KPRC share their stories

Cupid has been very busy at KPRC over the station's 70 years. His arrows have been flying around our newsroom for decades, turning co-workers in couples. 

One pair of love birds worked for KPRC Channel 2 for a combined 75 years. Pat Schwab and Bill Bremer actually met at KUHT Channel 8, but when Pat switched the channel to 2, Bill wasn't far behind.

"I missed working with her and an opening came up here. They agreed to hire me," said Bill. 

It was a sweetheart deal for the sweethearts. They spent almost four decades working together at KPRC, making TV magic and memories.

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One memory is one Bill might be trying to forget. 

"Bill was working underneath the panels and lost his first wedding ring," Pat smiled.

"We were remodeling the weather office and I was pulling up cable," Bill explained. 

That was in KPRC's old building. Both agreed the ring is probably under our current parking lot now.

Pat and Bill had plenty of family milestones as they worked for Channel 2. They had two daughters, and now they have a grandson they love to spoil.

Now they are living happily ever after in retirement bliss.

Another KPRC couple might look familiar to you: reporters Amy Davis and Joel Eisenbaum.

Their workplace romance started at another Texas TV station.

"We started a week apart in San Antonio. We were both nightside reporters," said Joel.

At first, sparks were flying for another reason.

"He was more like a competitor, right? Because he was the other nightside reporter. And I was watching to see how good you were, and I was like, man, he's really good," Amy said to Joel during our interview.

But the competition soon turned to courtship.

"We sat right across from each other, so we're literally, like, staring at each other," said Joel.

Then came the KPRC chapter of their relationship. 

"The deal was whoever got a job in their hometown first, the other person would move," explained Joel.

"We got lucky because Denver didn't have any reporter openings at the same time," Amy said.

Amy got her dream job in her hometown. Joel got his dream girl.

Soon after that, a serious assignment convinced Joel to take the next step.

"We were covering Katrina, which was the worst news story I had ever covered, the most horrific scene, and it just kind of set in my mind what's important to me," Joel choked back tears. "And so I knew I was gonna marry you," he said to Amy during our interview.

They did get married. And now they have three beautiful children.