Optometrists offer free eye exams for refs after blown call in Saints-Rams game

Crystal Vision Center's Dr. Justin Mays says refs' vision could actually be bad

HOUSTON – A College Station optometrist’s office is offering a perk to NFL referees after a blown call during the championship game between the New Orleans Saints and the Los Angeles Rams – a free eye exam. 

Optometrist Dr. Justin Mays, of the Crystal Vision Center, told KPRC he came up with the tweet that called out the refs for the late-game apparent missed call that could have sealed the win for the Saints.

“It’s so bad it’s not even reasonable to think about,” Mays said. “(It’s) atrociously bad -- the fact that every ref should just be fired. It’s just miserable. It’s just so sad for the Saints. Their whole season down the drain based on that call.” 

While Mays is making light of the situation in his tweet, he’s serious about the refs’ vision, noting that he’s had patients who are professional referees and they’re people just like everyone else. 

“We all joke about it, but really, what is the process to become a ref?” Mays said. “Is there any screening at all for these referees on the sidelines? Some of them don’t have that good of eyes. Makes you wonder, what are they seeing out there?”

Mays said the reaction to his tweet has been “pretty funny.” He said he hears eye jokes all the time, but this time people outside the eye care business are joining in. 

Check out the entire hilarious thread here.

Another optometrist in Louisiana is also making the offer.

After having time to consider things we will GLADLY provide no cost eye exams to all NFL officials prior to next season...

Posted by Louisiana Family Eyecare on Sunday, January 20, 2019

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