Dry winter skin-relieving the itch

HEBER, Texas – Owen Jones knows everything about dinosaurs, including what kind of skin they have.  The 6-year-old is all too familiar on this subject because of his own condition. His mom, Jeni Jones, jokes he has lizard skin.

Ever since he was born, Owen has dealt with extremely dry skin, especially during the winter months, which has also caused him to wake up with bloody noses multiple times a week.

Like son, like father. Owen's dad, Jason Jones, also deals with dry skin.

"Oh, I definitely have more lotions than my wife does," Jason Jones said. "I was waking up in the middle of the night every night so itchy."  

Other symptoms included a scratchy throat, cracked hands and a bloody nose.

The Jones family has tried every skin care lotion and product on the market to beat their dry skin.

Dermatologist Dr. Dylan Alston tells people to not waste their money on lotion. 

"Creams are better because they hydrate more," Alston said.

He encourages people to use a cream approved by the National Foundation of Eczema like Theraplex or Vanicream.

Alston also encourages people to not dry off completely with a towel when they get out of the shower.

"You actually want a little moisture on your skin, so when you go to apply your moisturizer on top we are now trapping the water from our shower into the skin," he says.