Small plane crashes into Midland parking lot

Courtesy: KICKS 99 Midland (Ashlyn McKay)

MIDLAND, Texas – A small plane with a parachute system crashed outside a building in Midland. 

The crash happened late Friday morning as people working in the ClayDesta building watched the aircraft having trouble.

"It was like a loud 'boom'," said Ashlyn McKay, who works at the West Texas National Bank and saw the plane go down.

"I was like, 'Oh my God,' is this really happening?' It's crazy. You don't see this every day!" McKay said.

Courtesy KICKS 99 Midland

She saw that two men escaped and said they appeared to be unharmed, although emergency and medical workers responded to the crash.

A parachute was attached to the plane and was in use as the plane came down, McKay said.

The plane crashed on a pickup truck.

"I was glad they were OK, and I felt bad for the person whose truck they landed on," McKay said.