First cannabis oil store set to open in Houston area

HOUSTON – Houston’s Original American Shaman Cannabidiol (CBD) store is set to open soon in Fort Bend County.

CBD is a component of marijuana and made from hemp, and is being studied for potential health benefits.

Adam Schaub said he came across CBD last year during his personal quest to help his daughter, Holly. He said last November, Holly had an aneurysm at 8 years old.

“There's a little cluster of nerves in the back (of the head) and one erupted and it just caused a real bad headache,” Schaub said. “Grandma asked if she wanted her to call 911 and she said yes, she didn't want to die.”

He said Holly has been on machines ever since the incident and that's when Schaub came across cannabidiol oil.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, CBD is a chemical component of marijuana but it does not cause the "high" that comes from another component of marijuana called Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

In June, the FDA approved its first drug with CBD, called Epidiolex, for treatment of seizures in two severe forms of epilepsy.  

The health benefits of CBD are still being evaluated and tested by researchers. But people like Schaub's mother are sold on it. He said she also suffers from migraines.

“She, in the last few months, completely got off antidepressants,” Schaub said. "She has got her headaches in a rather manageable state.”

So Schaub and his mother decided to open the first American Shaman CBD store in Fort Bend County in a shopping center along Highway 6.  

We asked several agencies about the legality of CBD. One law enforcement agency told KPRC CBD is legal.  

A spokesperson for State Health Services, which regulates what is put into our food, drugs and makeup, says there are conflicting regulations out there. The agency is reviewing the matter.

“We would not be getting into this if we thought for one second we'd have legal issues,” Schaub said.

Schaub said his daughter, Holly is on too many medications for them to give her CBD oil right now, but they hope one day CBD will help her as well as others.

The store, which is at 9203 Highway 6, is set to open Sept. 22.

“Do your research before coming in,” Schaub said. “We're not going to claim anything, but there are a lot of people who do.”