Mom claims son was bullied, beaten up despite warning to P.E. coach

School district says the incident is still under investigation


SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio mother claims her son was badly beaten by a school bully despite the boy’s repeated requests for help from his middle school coach.

Valerie Ann Lozano, the student’s mother, told KSAT.com that her son was in “P.E. when the other student threatened to beat him up after school” and that her son “told the coach (a student) wants to fight me.”

According to Lozano, the Resnik Middle School coach told her son, “Don’t worry, I got you,” but did nothing to prevent the bloody fight that occurred Thursday. 

Images and a video of the fight’s aftermath were shared to Facebook by Lozano, who said in her post, “the Principal, my son and I had a meeting the next morning (and) the coach was called up to the front office for the meeting.”

She said the coach never showed up to that meeting.

“I want something to be done about this because the coach knew my son was going to be in a fight (but) he never did anything about it this,” Lozano said in the post. 

Southwest ISD officials told KSAT.com via email that they are continuing to investigate the incident, and that they take student safety very seriously and monitor bullying and harassment reports as soon as they receive them.

“On Thursday, January 25, around 3 p.m., two students engaged in a mutual altercation that was immediately (stopped) by a SWISD police officer. Due to (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), we cannot disclose disciplinary actions taken against the students, but we can say both parties did comply with the officer's directives,” SWISD said in the email. 

Lozano said her son has disabilities, suffering from anxiety and depression, and since the fight has been unable to sleep or eat. 

She told KSAT.com that her son possibly has a broken or fractured nose but will not know until they visit a doctor. 

When KSAT.com asked SWISD if they are refuting the mother’s claim or if the coach is on leave, the district said: “We are in the beginning phases of the investigation and we are getting statements from students and teachers.”

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