Texas mother of 5 expecting quadruplets

(KJAC) – A Texas mother of five is expecting four more babies.

Ruth Mochire, 43, discovered she was pregnant after coming back from a month-long family vacation in Kenya. 

"When I came back you have to do a medical checkup before you go back to work in the refinery, so when they did my blood test, my foreman comes and tells me like 'Ruth you can't go back, it shows that you are pregnant. And I was like, to be pregnant at this age, it's so odd to be over 40 years of age and be pregnant and mid-40s is like impossible," said Ruth.

Ruth and her husband went to the hospital for a second opinion. That's when they found out they were not only pregnant, but pregnant with quadruplets. 

Shocked and in disbelief, Ruth and her husband worried how they would financially support a family of 11 on one income. 

"They told me I can't work there anymore, because it's not advisable for a woman pregnant to work in a construction company," said Ruth. 

Right now, they are living out of two, two-bedroom apartments after losing their home in Hurricane Harvey. 

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