Man unaffected by stun gun, shot by Nassau Bay officer, charged

Aldo Rene Rodriguez accused of assault on public servant


NASSAU BAY, Texas – Police on Monday identified the 31-year-old man who was shot in his upper thigh during a fight with an officer one day earlier.

Aldo Rene Rodriguez is now accused of assault on a public servant, according to a news release from the Nassau Bay Police Department.

On Sunday, police learned of a disturbance call at the Hilton Hotel, at 3000 E. Nasa Parkway.

When an officer arrived at the hotel, he met with a hotel security worker, who said the man in question had assaulted him -- and he was in the process of driving out of the parking lot, heading westbound on Nasa Parkway, police said.

The Nassau Bay officer followed the man, now identified as Rodriguez, and pulled him over in the 2300 block of Nasa Parkway. However, police said, Rodriguez wouldn’t listen to the officer’s verbal commands -- and then he got out of his car and started getting confrontational with the officer, according to the news release.

Rodriguez wouldn’t cooperate, and the officer eventually used his stun gun on the man. But it didn’t seem to work, and Rodriguez then started a physical fight with the officer -- even grabbing his throat at one point, police said.

The officer tried to use his radio to request assistance, but Rodriguez grabbed the radio away from him, police said.

The officer feared for his life, took out his duty weapon and fired a single round, striking Rodriguez in the leg.

A passing driver saw some of the incident unfold, and with that person’s help, the pair were able to get Rodriguez into handcuffs. The officer called for medical assistance and Rodriguez was taken to Clear Lake Regional Hospital.

A joint investigation is ongoing with the assistance of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

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